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MU won Aston Villa to help Solskjaer have a transfer solution

MU’s victory over Aston Villa showed that coach Solskjaer had a transfer solution from the player in hand, Bailly. MU may have been different in recent seasons if they regularly have the reliable service of Eric Bailly.

Aston Villa created a regular threat to MU at Old Trafford on Friday, including Bertrand Traore’s equalizer at the beginning of the second half. But MU was safer in the back with Bailly and Harry Maguire in the center of the row. defense.

Bailly blocked Aston Villa to equalize against MU

Bailly played for the third consecutive match in the Premier League, which has not happened since September 2017 after a series of injury problems. Now, Maguire is a lot more certain to be playing alongside the Ivorian than with Victor Lindelof.

Bailly has helped his teammates correct some mistakes as well as makeup for the lack of speed. Indeed, Bailly’s interruptions ensured MU a suffocating victory, which prevented Keinan Davis from scoring an equalizer at the last minute.

Bailly was congratulated by his teammates at the end of the match

With what has been shown, Bailly shows he could be the answer to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s January transfer window. It is claimed that Solskjaer considers bringing in a new center-back a priority to compete with Lindelof, not just a defender acting as a backup. Bailly can guarantee the request, as long as you are in good health.

Coach Solskjaer still criticizes MU despite winning

Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is still frankly critical of MU after a difficult victory over Aston Villa to climb to the top of the Premier League.

MU just won Aston Villa closely with a decisive penalty

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer admitted he did not like the final stage of MU’s victory over Aston Villa. The Norwegian coach also declined to mention challenging the championship despite balancing points with Liverpool. The “Red Devils” currently have 33 points and are only behind the champions in goal difference after 16 games, although previously criticized for the slow start of the campaign.

MU won Aston Villa to climb to the top

MU won more games than any other team after 16 rounds, at least until the teams played their 17th match on Saturday and Sunday after Bruno Fernandes second-half penalty helped them win Aston Villa at Old Trafford.

However, Solskjaer was still not quite satisfied with the victory as Eric Bailly had to make a save to prevent Keinan Davis from equalizing at the end of the match.

Liverpool won Crystal Palace 7-0 in the 14th round of the Premier League

Coach Jurgen Klopp and his students did not have many difficulties to beat Crystal Palace in the 14th round of the Premier League.

Liverpool made the most of the opportunity to decide the match from the first half. After 3 goals of Minamino, Mane, and Firmino in the first half, the visitors scored 4 more goals against the opponent in the second half, the names scored respectively Henderson, Firmino, and Salah (double).

Liverpool has won in the last 8 matches against Crystal Palace

Liverpool squad did not have Mohamed Salah, but the defending champion still easily opened the knot in Crystal Palace defense with a substitute player, Takumi Minamino.

Liverpool has won in the last 8 matches against Crystal Palace

Starting from Alexander-Arnold’s long pass after 3 minutes, Mane passed Minamino to the edge. The Japanese striker did not calm down, eliminated Nathan Clyne, and then shot the corner to prevent goalkeeper Guaita from having a chance to block. The former Salzburg player has a classy handling phase that is not inferior to his teammate Salah.

Crystal Palace rose strongly after the goal. The homeowner constantly puts pressure on the opponent with the speed climbing phase. Ayew, Zaha did well at speed but were disappointing in decisive handling. Even when Liverpool’s defenders made a mistake, the red-and-blue-striped strikers still could not hit Alisson’s net.

Liverpool was overwhelmed by the opponent, but the bravery of the champion still helps the visitors make a difference. In the last 10 minutes of the first half, “The Kop” had 2 shots on target and immediately collected 2 goals.

After 36 minutes, Mane pressed to eliminate Clyne, before a dangerous shot knocked out Guaita. 8 minutes later, Andy Robertson passed Firmino through to the penalty area. The Brazilian striker waved the ball subtly to help the visitors increase the score to 3-0.

Mane scored in 7 consecutive Crystal Palace encounters

Crystal Palace can only blame itself when it misses too many opportunities when the gap with the champion is only 1 goal.

With weak resistance from the home team’s defense, Salah took advantage of his record with 2 goals, 81 and 84 minutes respectively, and topped the list of a top scorer with 13 goals. This is the first time in history, Crystal Palace has conceded 7 times at home. In 1994, “Blue Eagle” had to admit defeat 1-6, and the opponent was also Liverpool.

The fierce competition of the 10 championship teams in the Premier League

Coach Jurgen Klopp predicts that the 2020/21 Premier League championship will be a race of 8 candidates. But, after round 10, that number is even … 10 teams!

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic with the Premier League have not stopped in the 2019/20 season, but also have a heavy residue to the past of the 2020/21 season. After round 10, fans easily noticed a loss of direction in the championship race of the most attractive tournament on the planet.

The Premier League has been a race between Liverpool and Man City

After round 10, coach Jurgen Klopp’s army had 28 points with 9 wins and only 1 draw in round 9 on the MU rival field.

After the 10th round of the 2019/20 campaign, Man City gradually ran out of breath but was still the second-ranked team. The problem is the gap between them and the top team Liverpool is now 6 points. MU was ranked seventh at that time with only 13 points. The gap between Liverpool and the team that is ranked 15 in 2019/20 is Aston Villa 17 points!

How about now? Liverpool with a draw at Brighton missed the chance to monopolize the top of the table. The defending champions are second but equal to the top team Tottenham, currently only less than the difference. Both teams have 21 points. Thus, Liverpool is 7 points behind them last season.

And the current top Tottenham team is just 8 points ahead of the 15th ranked Crystal Palace, one of the lowest score gaps in the tournament history in these two positions. Just winning 1 game, Crystal Palace is currently ranked 15th but can completely step into the top 8, when they are only 3 points behind the eighth-ranked Everton.

MU vs West Brom before round 9 of the Premier League 2020/21

On November 22, MU will welcome rookie West Brom in the framework of round 9 of the Premier League. This is considered an opportunity for coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s army to increase the point fund and improve their position on the rankings.

Since West Brom have just returned to the top league of English football, the last time the two teams met in the Premier League was in the 2017/18 season. That year, MU defeated West Brom at The Hawthorns, but suddenly fell in the match under the Old Trafford dome.

The last time MU played against West Brom was in the 2017/18 season

It was a match that MU started with a very strong form with the attacking trio of Juan Mata – Alexis Sanchez – Romelu Lukaku. However, coach Jose Mourinho’s students did not once penetrate the opponent’s net. On the contrary, they also let Jay Rodriguez hit his sword to defeat David de Gea in the 73rd minute.

The last time MU played against West Brom was in the 2017/18 season

It is worth mentioning, this is the third loss in the last 5 times MU has welcomed West Brom in the Premier League. In the remaining 2 matches, “Red Devils” won 1, drew 1.

If taking the milestone from the first meeting in 1892, when MU was known under the name Newton Heath, the two teams had met a total of 113 times. The balance of achievement tipped to Manchester’s red half with 51 wins, 26 draws, and 36 losses.

In the past decade, MU and West Brom have 16 encounters, both in the Premier League. As a result, “Red Devils” won 8, drew 4, lost 4.

Will Ronaldo return to MU after leaving Juventus?

Will Cristiano Ronaldo be able to reunite with MU after Juventus is said to want to sell the Portuguese superstar next summer.

According to the Italian and British press, Juventus is considering the possibility of selling Ronaldo in the summer of 2021 for financial reasons. CR7’s salary of 31 million euros/year has become a burden for “Old Lady” in the context that they are heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Remember, Ronaldo was 32 years old three years ago, and now he is 35. The attraction of Ronaldo CR7 is no longer the same. Therefore, the prospect of CR7 returning to Old Trafford after more than 10 years is difficult to come true.

MU scored the most impressive goals in the Premier League this season

With Bruno Fernandes equalizer in the match against Everton, MU has scored both of the most impressive goals in the Premier League this season.

MU upstream won Everton with the start of the second impressive beating in the Premier League this season. In the situation of a 1-1 equalization, MU players made a total of 20 passes to facilitate Bruno Fernandes to hit Pickford’s net.

MU players have 20 passes to help Fernandes score

The ball started from Scott McTominay and passed through the feet of eight other players before fit inside the Everton goal. Only 3 MU players who did not participate in the coordinated situation leading to this goal were goalkeeper David de Gea, midfielder Harry Maguire and wing-back Aaron Wan-Bissaka.

Opta’s statistics show that this is a combined situation leading to the second most number of passes in the Premier League this season, all of which belong to MU players.

Wan-Bissaka scored the most impressive knockout goal in the Premier League

Previously, Wan-Bissaka had scored against Newcastle after 21 drops. It currently holds the record for the number of passes leading to goals in the Premier League this season. This can be considered a surprise because MU is currently not appreciated for the ability to beat to score like Liverpool or Man City.

MU benefits from Fernandes’ unique record in the Premier League

Bruno Fernandes continues to play the role of a hero to help MU overcome difficulties in the match against Everton in round 8 of the Premier League.

The home team opened the score with the dangerous finish of Bernard, but Fernandes only needed 13 minutes to help “Red Devils” lead 2-1 after the end of the first half. This is the 12th and 13th goal of the midfielder. Portugal in the Premier League, at least four more goals than any MU player since arriving in January.

Fernandes scored 2 goals to help MU defeat Everton

Fernandes scored 2 goals to help MU defeat Everton

Fernandes’s stellar performance against Everton helped Fernandes surpass the direct participation mark of 1 goal in each Premier League appearance. In total, he has 13 goals and 9 assists in 21 games.

With the equalizer for MU, Fernandes also set a new record when having 13 direct participation in goals (9 goals and 4 assists) after only the first 10 away games in the Premier League. This is better than any other player in the same number of games.

Everton in the Premier League season 2020/21 is worth watching thanks to Rodriguez (Part 2)

Everton also played more elegantly thanks to the 29-year-old star, who successfully performed 8 phases over him.

Rodriguez’s worth has been proven at Everton. More importantly, the midfielder blows new life into the club, helps the Merseyside representative to sublimate and gives fans the belief that the home team can win every match.

Everton is worth watching with Rodriguez

Everton is leading the Premier League with 4 wins and 12 goals. The players also played with incredible confidence, something the audience is not often seen. It is too early to conclude Everton is able to compete for the Premier League title yet, but the undeniable truth is that Goodison Park’s home team becomes more formidable with Rodriguez.

The appearance of the 29-year-old midfielder creates an energy source that accumulates and spreads to the surrounding satellites. Rodriguez’s quality helps him make a difference.

Everton in the Premier League season 2020/21 is worth watching thanks to Rodriguez

At the 2014 World Cup, the Colombian team entered the tournament with a great loss of personnel when striker Radamel Falcao was sidelined due to a serious injury. However, Rodriguez became the leader and inspired to pull the home team to the quarterfinals, where the Brazilian host had to struggle to stop “La Tricolor”.

Playing for Real, Barca or Bayern is a dream for any player. However, not everyone is suitable and fortunate to be given the conditions to shine in those lands. Rodriguez knows this best. Everton is not as classy as Real or Bayern, but it is the place that gives Rodriguez the opportunity to explode. Some players also find themselves only when playing for “small” clubs.

In Merseyside, the Colombian midfielder did not feel as “overwhelmed” as in Madrid, where expectations were to become the most hated foe with blockbuster contracts. When he arrived at Everton, Rodriguez seemed to remove the terrible pressure on his legs. That helps the South American midfielder revive.

With Rodriguez and Everton everything just started. A series of 4 wins in the Premier League has not helped the club win the Premier League. On October 17, Ancelotti’s teachers and students entered the Merseyside derby, where Liverpool overwhelmed the great rivalry in recent years.

However, Liverpool outperformed Everton at the time when Rodriguez was still diving in Madrid and Munich. On October 17, at Goodison Park, Everton will play with a new look.

Everton is worth watching thanks to Rodriguez (Part 1)

It is still too early to conclude about Everton in the Premier League season 2020/21, but the Merseyside representative is becoming more worth watching thanks to James Rodriguez in the squad.

Rodriguez reunited with coach (coach) Carlo Ancelotti at Everton for a month, but midfielder Colombia stormed England. In 30 days, the former Real star made those who doubted him have to look again.

Everton is flourishing in the Premier League

Rodriguez became one of the important factors to help Merseyside’s representatives fly high. Not many people believe Everton owns such a quality midfielder for 25 million euros. Everton seems to have a big profit, and Real can have a big deal. Rodriguez is worth more than 25 million euros of the transfer.

With just a month on Merseyside, Rodriguez owned a record he took a year to get at Madrid. After 5 matches in the land of fog, the Colombian midfielder scored 3 goals and had 3 assists (according to WhoScored data).

Rodriguez is having a dream start at Everton. Marca calls the midfielder “king of South America”, who stands above Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, currently. The number of goals and assists the former Real star has so far says it all.

Messi started the 2020/21 season with a goal and had no assists after three matches with Barca. Luis Suarez has 2 goals and one assist for Atletico. Neymar has a record equal to Suarez in PSG, while Alexis Sanchez has only two clear lines at Inter.

Rodriguez’s value is not just in statistics

The midfielder also created a great influence on his image and brought confidence to Everton. In the eyes of fans, Rodriguez is a normal rookie, if not to say “waste goods” from Real. However, remember the Colombian midfielder has won many noble titles such as the Champions League, the La Liga, and the Bundesliga championship.

Rodriguez arrived on Merseyside as one of world football’s brightest stars, who delivered a positive signal and showed fans, Everton, on the right track on the way to challenge the giants in the Premier League.

Rodriguez arrived on Merseyside as one of world football’s brightest stars

Rodriguez and coach Ancelotti were born for each other. And only when standing on the same frontline can they shine. At Real, the Colombian midfielder is not a favorite card of coach Zinedine Zidane. That made him slip. When he moved to Everton, where Rodriguez reunited with coach Ancelotti, the attacking midfielder shone again.

De Bruyne shone in Man City’s winning in the second round of the Premier League

The Belgian star participated in all three of City’s goals in the 3-1 defeat of Wolverhampton in the second round of the Premier League on September 22.

Manchester City opened the 2020/21 season with a match against Wolverhampton. Coach Pep Guardiola and his students won only one match in the last 5 confrontations with “Wolves” in all competitions.

Man City was given the lead but had many difficulties in approaching Wolves’ goal. The host retreated deeply into the squad, constantly approaching to block the opponent’s ball phase.

While Gabriel Jesus and Sterling were helpless against the amber defense, Kevin De Bruyne made the difference in the 20th minute. The Belgian midfielder’s attempt to take the ball forced defender Romain Saiss to foul in the penalty area.

De Bruyne assumed responsibility for kicking 11 m

De Bruyne assumed responsibility for kicking 11 m. He did not miss the chance to score and put Man City ahead. If the first goal came from a personal effort, Man City’s second goal in the 32nd minute came after a beautiful bounce.

The great combination of De Bryune, Jesus, and Sterling

The combination of De Bryune, Jesus, and Sterling ended with a neat finish from Phil Foden. Foden had been involved in a scandal while on duty in England. However, this does not affect the professionalism of the player born in 2000.

Coach Pep Guardiola applauded the student’s rhythmic coordination

2 goals help Man City play more confidently. Pep’s army constantly pressured and almost got a goal to increase the score to 3-0 in the 42nd minute. De Bruyne dribbled past Joao Moutinho but failed to win goalkeeper Rui Patricio in the face-to-face phase. Man City closed the first half with 7 shots, 5 of which went on target. On the other side of the front line, Wolves did not create a significant opportunity.

Wolves increased pressure in the late game. The effort of coach Nuno Santo’s teachers and students was rewarded to shorten the score to 1-2 in the 78th minute. Podence “threaded” De Bruyne, before crossing the ball just within reach for Raul Jimenez to hit the net of Man City.

Wolves are too engrossed in attacking, leading to neglect in defense. In the second half, Gabriel Jesus received the ball from De Bruyne, before shooting to increase the score to 3-1 for Man City. Goalkeeper Patricio could do nothing more when the ball touched his teammate’s foot and changed direction.

Pep Guardiola and his students opened the new season with a 3-1 victory over Wolverhampton.

The potential of Kai Havertz to Chelsea attack after being recruited

Bayern Munich may be the ideal destination to elevate Kai Havertz’s career, but the German midfielder wants to take on a bigger challenge when choosing Chelsea.

The Germans compare Chelsea’s rookie with Mesut Oezil and Michael Ballack, two famous German football names. That is enough to say the talent of Havertz, who just joined “The Blues”. It is an honor to be compared to a generation of excellent seniors. However, Havertz doesn’t need to be a shadow or a copy of someone.

Havertz is 1.89 m tall, more than Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane. With such a physique, the German midfielder defaulted to being slow. That could be true for anyone, except Havertz. Havertz once made a speed of 35.5 km / h, one of the fastest players in the Bundesliga. However, that is not the only reason why Chelsea decided to spend £ 71 million to bring the player born in 1999 to London.

Havertz helps increase the quality of the Chelsea attack

Havertz’s playing ability is said to be very high. This helps him process information and make quick decisions. The German midfielder also plays a simple ball, limiting excess movements to reduce the pace of attack.

Havertz has a habit of turning his head around to analyze situations. In comparison, this is like a computer that does receive information. Everything happens in seconds. After the analysis ended, the moment the ball reached Havertz, the midfielder took the next step decisively. It could be a breakthrough dribble or a tectonic pass for a teammate.

Before receiving the ball, Havertz carefully observed the gaps. He chose for himself the areas in front of which were large spaces. This helps the German midfielder escape from pressing from the opponent.

Havertz also minimizes movements and limits himself to one-on-one situations. That’s partly because the German midfielder’s body is not muscular enough like Michael Ballack.

Overall, Havertz still deserves the £ 71 million Chelsea spend. He is a versatile player, possessing good tactical eyesight and good reading of situations. The midfielder’s ability to shoot away is also impressive.

For Havertz to maximize his best qualities, “The Blues” should let this player kick close to the goal. At this time, the German midfielder can break the deadlock with a long shot or sharp assists. However, whether Havertz will be more successful than Ballack, only the future will tell.

Liverpool will have a long summer vacation after Premier League

With the champions early and no arena to compete, Liverpool will have a slight advantage next season.

The 2019/20 season of European football has to prolong the organization time because of the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic, giving big teams very little time to prepare for the new 2020/21 season. Many big teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Man City, MU or Bayern Munich will have to continue into the remaining series of Champions League and Europa League in August.

Liverpool have up to 6 weeks to rest

If going into the European arena, the above big clubs will only have about 3-4 weeks to both recover fitness and prepare for the new season. However, Liverpool will be outside the list of teams mentioned above. The reason is simple because The Kop was soon eliminated in the Champions League and did not advance deep in the domestic cup arena.

Therefore, teachers and coaches Jurgen Klopp have been able to enter the Summer vacation right after the last match in the Premier League on July 26. With the Premier League just starting the new season on 12/9, Liverpool players will have at least 6 weeks to recover and accumulate fitness. This will be a great advantage for them on the way to defending the title that they have been very difficult to get in the past special season.

In another development, Liverpool recently launched their home shirt next season with quite interesting highlights. After 5 years of cooperation with New Balance, next season, the new Premier League king will have a new jersey sponsor, Nike. The Kop’s new deal with the US giant will help them earn about £ 30 million a year.

Liverpool had a long summer vacation that made MU – Man City crave, showing off new shirts

The home shirt of Liverpool next season

The new Liverpool home kit is still the traditional red color but has removed vertical stripes. The biggest change is the collar as well as the turquoise trim. The inspiration for this design came from the jersey that the Anfield home team used from 1993 to 1995.

Due to the late debut and the end of the season for Liverpool, the fans will have to wait for the friendly matches before the 2020/21 season to see the pet players wearing a new shirt.