Coach Pochettino is ready to receive high salaries at Newcastle

Former Argentinian player Ossie Ardiles, who spent years working in the UK, revealed his compatriot was interested in the offer from Newcastle United.

Earlier this month, British media revealed Mauricio Pochettino was the number one name Newcastle had to target, once the club completed the process of changing owners.

This salary is nearly double the salary of Pochettino when he was working at Tottenham (10.3 million euros per year), and helped him become the 2nd highest paid coach in the Premier League, the 3rd highest in the world.

Ardiles’ revelations are worth the reference, because he spent 10 years at Tottenham and had a period leading Newcastle and many English clubs. If you go to Newcastle, Pochettino’s income is only inferior to Atletico coach Diego Simeone – the highest earner in the world receiving 40.5 million euros per year (statistics from L’Equipe) and Pep Guardiola with 23 million euros per year.

The acquisition of Newcastle for $ 375 million from the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman is going smoothly. The new owners of the Premier League club also lists many blockbusters that can be detonated in the near future.

Mundo Deportivo has revealed that if he became Newcastle manager, Pochettino wants to recruit 3 players including Gareth Bale, Arturo Vidal and Philippe Coutinho.

Newcastle players have not wanted to work with Pochettino yet

The players of Newcastle want to continue to be with current coach Steve Bruce, instead of former Tottenham strategist.

British media revealed that Newcastle’s current staging team expressed 100% support to coach Bruce. The move is said to be in response to news that new Tyneside club owners want Mauricio Pochettino.

Recently, the media revealed that Pochettino is the name that Newcastle will target once the club has completed the process of changing owners. The new leadership team of Newcastle is willing to pay the Argentinian strategist a salary of up to 19 million pounds (equivalent to 21.8 million euros per year), making him the second highest paid coach in the Premier League. and 3rd highest in the world.

Pochettino is a more famous name than Bruce. However, many Newcastle players express their admiration for the work that coach Bruce has done this season.

For his part, Coach Pochettino is said to be quite interested in the new project from Newcastle United. He wants Newcastle to recruit the top three players including Gareth Bale, Arturo Vidal and Philippe Coutinho.

Premier League may return from this June

According to the 50-page document issued by the British Government, football and sports activities in the country can return from the beginning of June.

Sports events, including soccer, may take place. But the stadium will have to be closed to the audience until public safety is assured. Besides sports, the British Government also wants to reopen a number of businesses, businesses and public places when it relaxes the blockade from the beginning of June. Adopt protocols to prevent Covid-19.

The fact that many new cases are a cause for concern over the decision to lift the blockade. Many players like Sergio Aguero and Antonio Rudiger have expressed doubts about their ability to play again.

Last week, three Brighton players had to quarantine themselves after being found positive for the virus. The tournaments of Spain, Germany also had the same problem when trying to play again.

In addition to the risk of infection, the return to mid-season also makes football distorted. Three teams Aston Villa, Watford, Brighton worry that not having an audience will make them lose their home field advantage.

The Premier League organizers may remove the requirement to wear a mask

The Premier League organizers believe that using masks when playing matches helps players prevent and protect their colleagues, before the threat of COVID-19 pandemic.

In the context that England has no control over Covid-19, this idea helps players feel safe. In addition, it helped the “Project Restart” plan – resuming the English Premier League – be implemented soon, as soon as authorized by the Government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

However, the player – who uses the mask – feels uncomfortable. According to the Mirror, trying to force a player to wear a mask when playing made the relationship between the organizers, clubs and players cracked.

A number of clubs are waiting for Government advice on wearing masks. Meanwhile, British police force chief Mark Roberts supported the proposal.

Wearing a mask is one of many regulations that the Premier League organizers give, to ensure health when organizing the remaining 92 matches. In addition, they also plan to ban players hugging to celebrate goals, spitting in the match, changing shirts after the game or sharing a bottle of water.

The chance of Premier League returning is slim

Because of unpredictable developments of the disease, Dutch Football Federation President Just Spee did not believe the Premier League could play the end of the season.

On April 24, the Dutch Football Federation decided to cancel the Dutch Eredivisie Championship in the 2019-2020 season, leaving the team name empty, when this tournament is still nine rounds with most teams.

Ajax and AZ – the top two teams – receive two Champions League places next season, while neither team has to relegate. The KNVB made its decision after the Dutch government extended its ban on all sports activities until September.

Some clubs were furious when KNVB canceled the season. FC Utrecht said that they will sue because they lost their place in the Europa League. Meanwhile, Cambuur coach Hen de Jong called the KNVB’s decision “the dirtiest in Dutch football history”, because the cancellation of the season left the Second-class team with a ticket to play at Eredivise within reach. .

The leader of KNVB also expressed doubts about the feasibility of the European league returning to play but closed to the audience. Spee said: “I think the chances are slim.”

Solskjaer is good enough to help United win the Premier League

Although still struggling to find a way to put United in the right direction, coach Solskjaer is still believed to bring success to the “Red Devils”.

I believe Solskjaer is strong enough to help Man United return to the leading team and win the Premier League, “Goal quoted Jose Kleberson, who used to be Solskjear’s teammate at United in 2003-2005. Brazilian defenders are also attached to football when coaching at the Philadelphia Union academy.

In addition, the 2002 World Cup champion also commented on the performance of Fred, a midfielder.

“Fred arrived at Old Trafford at a time that was not easy. He also needed to adapt in the first few months, it was normal. He quickly realized what he needed to do to be different. Now , he plays more and more stable and energetic.”

“It was thanks to Fred changing his playstyle. When he was playing in Brazil, he played near the striker. At the moment, he is more of a support. Fred needs time to adjust to Man United and become an important team player. It is great to see a Brazilian playing well here” – Kleberson added.

The three scenarios for the end in the Premier League this season

Because of the risk of not being able to kick the last nine rounds, the Premier League needs scoring plans to complete the season.

The first scenario

Using current score as a base is the first solution. The 20 teams will get an average of one match, then multiply by 38 to get the final score. If done this way, the order of the teams remains the same. Liverpool championship. Leicester City, Chelsea and Man Utd participated in the Champions League, due to City being banned. Bournemouth, Aston Villa, Norwich are relegated.

Because Liverpool are 25 points ahead of Man City, this calculation does not cause much reaction to the first group. Jurgen Klopp’s teachers and students will also be crowned with a record score of 107. The controversy will occur in the bottom group, where Bournemouth is equal to Watford and West Ham, but must be relegated to First place.

The second scenario

Using scoring can be a method to solve this problem. Starting from the remaining teams’ schedules, the average score is only calculated in the period when each football club completes a round to meet the remaining 19 teams. In this way, the European cup reserve rates remain the same. The biggest change is that the first place relegation will belong to Watford, instead of Bournemouth as the first way.

Ranking in the second way is more accurate than the first, but not considering the home and away factors in the remaining nine rounds. Many relegation teams at the end often choose to launch reserve tactics when facing stronger teams, and play their best when playing against a peer team, out of motivation to play, or simply play at home.

The third scenario

The Times takes this into account when analyzing and making a third choice. Home and away form can be used to predict the ratio of matches not yet played. Before each match, the home team’s average score will be compared with the opponent’s average. The last five matches have been added, then summed. If two points differ from 0.2 or more, the team with the more points wins. On the contrary, the match is a tie.

Scoring in this way will cause a big disturbance in the first group, when Man Utd lost fifth place, synonymous with Champions League qualification, to Sheffield. Meanwhile, the three relegation teams are still Watford, Aston Villa and Norwich.

UK soccer league suffers from the credit card ban on betting

The United Kingdom has put the credit card betting ban in effect. This policy applies to all personal and business credit cards.

Credit card betting ban in the UK

Allowing the use of credit cards for online gambling can give lenders a headache over bad debt if the borrower lost in gambling and cannot pay. This policy aims at managing gambling in the UK, which seems to be becoming a problem in this country.

However, the credit betting ban also has a certain influence on the UK soccer league. The ban, together with the effects of COVID-19 pandemic, may reduce many UK bookmakers’ revenue from online betting.

Premier League is expected to close to the audience when returning

Premier League clubs have been preparing to hold closed matches to prevent COVID-19. The Premier League is considering stadiums that qualify to host matches without spectators when the season returns. The English Football Federation (FA) is ready for clubs to compete on Wembley and St George’s Park national courts to complete the season.

The Wembley Stadium can be requisitioned to host the rest of the Premier League season. Using these two stadiums, especially St George’s Park, will allow more games to be organized in a day. At the same time, there are 228 hotel rooms in a complex of two yards, where players and officials can rest without having to move out.

Premier League football manager Richard Garlick and medical advisor Mark Gillett are working with clubs on player safety and requirements when the season returns. This week, it is likely that more clubs will announce agreements on salary reduction with players. Earlier, Southampton was the first team to announce a wage reduction agreement with the player and will use the savings to support the Public Health Service (NHS).

Last week, in an online meeting, Premier League shareholders were concerned about the financial status of clubs. On 17/4, the Premier League will meet again on this issue and the ability to organize the tournament again in the context of COVID-19 has not shown signs of settling down. This situation of the Premier League seems to suffer more due to the UK’s credit card ban on betting.

60 British amateur clubs oppose the FA’s decision

60 English teams “rebelled” because of the shocking decision of the Football Association of this country, even the Premier League – the top league of England was pulled into the game.

A source from The Mirror said 60 amateur clubs in the UK have written to the Football Association (FA) to protest the decision to cancel the 2019/20 season results with the tournament.

Earlier, the FA announced that amateur tournaments must be stopped without compensatory games due to the complicated development of the Covid-19 pandemic. 2019/20 season results are calculated based on current rankings and there are no promotion or relegation teams. According to the owners of many clubs – including some good teams and full of chances to move up to the next division, this decision is “too hasty, not based on any basis”.

Even amateur clubs have spoken out for rights like the Premier League. In a recent meeting, the FA and the leading tournament organizer in England agreed to postpone the season until April 30 rather than cancel the result.

On March 28, media reported that many Premier League clubs also wanted to cancel the results of the 2019/20 season to avoid affecting the preparation process for the following season. However, this option was rejected by both the tournament organizers and the FA due to heavy economic losses, mainly from television royalties.

According to the Daily Mail, in the contract worth 3 billion per year between the Premier League with many television units such as Sky Sport or BT Sport (expires on 31/7), the season must end before July 16. If not, the broadcaster will cut up to 762 million royalties in the new contract.

Under heavy pressure, the Premier League organizers even set a new plan of “reopening” in May, the matches will take place on the pitch without the audience.

How huge is Neymar’s salary at PSG before cutting?

Neymar is currently the highest-earning player in PSG as well as the top in the world. But he is facing the possibility of cutting back.

According to France Football, Neymar currently pockets nearly 49 million euros in wages and bonuses a year. This salary is double that of PSG teammates Kylian Mbappe and Edinson Cavani in the 2019-2020 season.

Exactly, the Brazilian star receives 48.9 million euros in salary and contractual bonuses, while Mbappe stands at 21.2 million euros and Cavani 18.4 million euros.

In total, if advertising revenue is added, Neymar earns 95 million euros, ranking third in the world after Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to information from StubHub, the former Barca player received about 670,993 euros for each Instagram post. In one year, the amount is estimated to reach more than 28 million euros.

In terms of advertising, most notably Neymar signed a 3-year contract with Altice in February 2018 with the announced amount of 10 million euros per year.

Thus, if PSG makes a 50% pay cut in March, April, May and June 2020 due to the impact of the COVID epidemic, Neymar will lose a significant income.

Specifically, if you only calculate a hard salary of 36.7 million euros per year, equivalent to 3,060,000 euros per month, the Brazilian striker will lose about 6.1 million euros during the said period.

Top 10 highest paid players in Ligue 1 (per month)

1. Neymar (PSG): 3,060,000 euros

2. Kylian Mbappe (PSG): 1,910 000 euros

3. Thiago Silva (PSG): 1,500,000 euros

4. Edinson Cavani (PSG): 1,345 000 euros

5. Marquinhos (PSG): 1,200,000 euros

5. Marco Verratti (PSG): 1,200,000 euros

7. Angel Di Maria (PSG): 1,100,000 euros

8. Keylor Navas (PSG): 800,000 euros

9. Mauro Icardi (PSG): 700,000 euros

10. Leandro Paredes (PSG): 750,000 euros

Surprise about the fastest MU player in the English Premier League this season

Opta has revealed a list of the fastest MU players in the English Premier League this season and the top name may surprise many people.

MU usually plays well in matches with the Top 6 Premier League with defensive counterattack play. In this game, speed players play a very important role and MU is lucky to have many speed players in the squad. But who is the MU player with the best speed?

Opta’s statistics say Mason Greenwood is the fastest MU player in the Premier League this season. The England striker once sprinted at 37.6 km/h in an Everton draw earlier this month.

Fred was second best at running at 37.29 at the Everton draw at Old Trafford at the end of last year. The next position belongs to Daniel James (36.9 km/h and 36.5 km/h) and Marcus Rashford (36.32 km/h).

However, Daniel James is the fastest MU player to play. After 29 rounds, the Welsh player has 12 fastest runs. Marcus Rashford ranked second with 9 times reaching the highest speed.

The eight fastest runs were divided equally by Jesse Lingard, Fred, Andreas Perreira, Brandon Williams, Phil Jones, Victor Lindelof, Tahith Chong and Mason Greenwood.

List of the fastest MU players in each Premier League match this season:

Chelsea – Daniel James (33.52 km/h)

Wolves – Marcus Rashford (33.33 km/h)

Crystal Palace – Marcus Rashford (36.32 km/h)

Southampton – Daniel James (34.24 km/h)

Leicester – Daniel James (35.04 km/h)

West Ham – Daniel James (33.81 km/h)

Arsenal – Marcus Rashford (35.53 km/h)

Newcastle – Daniel James (34.09 km/h)

Liverpool – Marcus Rashford (33.39 km/h)

Norwich – Marcus Rashford (33.7 km/h)

Bournemouth – Marcus Rashford (33.67 km/h)

Brighton – Marcus Rashford (36.15 km/h)

Sheffield United – Daniel James (35.7 km/h)

Aston Villa – Daniel James (35.08 km/h)

Tottenham – Marcus Rashford (34.39 km/h)

Man City – Lingard (34.43 km/h)

Everton – Fred (37.29 km/h)

Watford – Marcus Rashford (34.39 km/h)

Newcastle – Andreas Pereira (34.68 km/h)

Burnley – Daniel James (36.9 km/h)

Arsenal – Daniel James (34.41 km/h)

Norwich – Brandon Williams (34.04 km/h)

Liverpool – Daniel James (36.5 km/h)

Burnley – Phil Jones (34.44 km/h)

Wolves – Victor Lindelof (35.17km/h)

Chelsea – Daniel James (34.09 km/h)

Watford – Tahith Chong (35.47 km/h)

Everton – Mason Greenwood (37.6 km/h)

Man City – Daniel James (35.21 km/h)

Former Premier League striker: “Lloris looks itchy”

Coach Jose Mourinho suffered the worst series of his career because of two silly mistakes by goalkeeper Hugo Lloris in the Tottenham match lost to Leipzig in the C1 Cup.

Tottenham lost strongly to RB Leipzig 0-3 in the second leg of the round of C1 Cup and were eliminated in the final with a total score of 0-4. Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris was the most criticized in this defeat with 2 mistakes leading to Tottenham’s goal.

Hope to reverse the flow of teachers Jose Mourinho quickly became impossible with 2 goals quickly after just 21 minutes in the second leg. Even in the 10th minute, Lloris rushed to the right corner to block Marcel Sabitzer’s not-too-great shot, but finally let the ball slip into his hand and into the net.

11 minutes later, it was Sabitzer who took advantage of Lloris’ mistake to score a 2-0 lead. This time it was a header in the near corner and Lloris even touched but still let the ball slowly roll over the line.

Lloris’s mistake caused Tottenham to score at least 3 goals and keep a clean sheet for the remaining 70 minutes to come from behind. However, they failed to score even one goal and had to accept to leave the game from the eighth round after less than a year to reach the final.

The failure of this face also caused Mourinho to undergo the worst series of his career, not winning 6 consecutive games in all competitions, losing 4 and drawing 2.

On social media, many Tottenham fans have criticized Lloris mercilessly and called on Mourinho to give the opportunity to Paulo Gazzaniga.

Former Tottenham player Marcus Bent was surprised by the poor performance of his former club: “What is going on with Spurs and Lloris?”

Former Premier League champion Chris Sutton even bluntly said: “I’ll say it again …. Lloris’s action looks so itchy.”

FIFA announced plans to postpone the second qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup

On the evening of March 5, FIFA and AFC announced the official proposal of a plan to postpone the second qualifying matches for the upcoming 2022 World Cup in Asia due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic.

FIFA’s statement said that FIFA and AFC had met at their headquarters in Zurich (Switzerland) to discuss the situation in Asian football. For FIFA and AFC, the health of individuals participating in matches remains the highest priority, and thus, an official proposal to postpone the upcoming matches in the 2022 World Cup/2021 Asian Cup finals has been shared with relevant member federations.

FIFA and AFC will provide the latest information on this plan in the coming days after consulting with AFC member federations. Another discussion is the 2020 Olympic women’s football play-off between Korea and China, as well as the Asian Futsal Championship in Turkmenistan 2020.

According to FIFA, it will continue to monitor the situation regarding Covid-19 through contact with the World Health Organization (WHO), alliances and member federations. In particular, information on other international matches may be provided by the relevant federation members.

As such, the statement means that FIFA and AFC will be waiting for the meeting with the Western member federations in Malaysia on 7 and 8 of March, before making an official announcement. According to the proposal above, FIFA will postpone the second qualifying matches of the 2022 World Cup in Asia in March and June 10 and 11.

According to Asian media, the above statement has received the support of AFC member federations, of which the possibility of delay is almost certain. Because in the upcoming meeting, the football federation Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, UAE (Middle East countries affected by the Covid-19 epidemic) will agree to the delay. Most recently, the UAE Football Federation has issued a “ban” of fans to the field at all domestic leagues to avoid spreading Covid-19.

According to the schedule, the UAE will welcome Vietnam on June 9 in the last match of Group G. Previously, the teachers and coaches of Park Hang-seo will take guests in Malaysia and meet Indonesia on June 4.