60 British amateur clubs oppose the FA’s decision

60 English teams “rebelled” because of the shocking decision of the Football Association of this country, even the Premier League – the top league of England was pulled into the game.

A source from The Mirror said 60 amateur clubs in the UK have written to the Football Association (FA) to protest the decision to cancel the 2019/20 season results with the tournament.

Earlier, the FA announced that amateur tournaments must be stopped without compensatory games due to the complicated development of the Covid-19 pandemic. 2019/20 season results are calculated based on current rankings and there are no promotion or relegation teams. According to the owners of many clubs – including some good teams and full of chances to move up to the next division, this decision is “too hasty, not based on any basis”.

Even amateur clubs have spoken out for rights like the Premier League. In a recent meeting, the FA and the leading tournament organizer in England agreed to postpone the season until April 30 rather than cancel the result.

On March 28, media reported that many Premier League clubs also wanted to cancel the results of the 2019/20 season to avoid affecting the preparation process for the following season. However, this option was rejected by both the tournament organizers and the FA due to heavy economic losses, mainly from television royalties.

According to the Daily Mail, in the contract worth 3 billion per year between the Premier League with many television units such as Sky Sport or BT Sport (expires on 31/7), the season must end before July 16. If not, the broadcaster will cut up to 762 million royalties in the new contract.

Under heavy pressure, the Premier League organizers even set a new plan of “reopening” in May, the matches will take place on the pitch without the audience.

How huge is Neymar’s salary at PSG before cutting?

Neymar is currently the highest-earning player in PSG as well as the top in the world. But he is facing the possibility of cutting back.

According to France Football, Neymar currently pockets nearly 49 million euros in wages and bonuses a year. This salary is double that of PSG teammates Kylian Mbappe and Edinson Cavani in the 2019-2020 season.

Exactly, the Brazilian star receives 48.9 million euros in salary and contractual bonuses, while Mbappe stands at 21.2 million euros and Cavani 18.4 million euros.

In total, if advertising revenue is added, Neymar earns 95 million euros, ranking third in the world after Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to information from StubHub, the former Barca player received about 670,993 euros for each Instagram post. In one year, the amount is estimated to reach more than 28 million euros.

In terms of advertising, most notably Neymar signed a 3-year contract with Altice in February 2018 with the announced amount of 10 million euros per year.

Thus, if PSG makes a 50% pay cut in March, April, May and June 2020 due to the impact of the COVID epidemic, Neymar will lose a significant income.

Specifically, if you only calculate a hard salary of 36.7 million euros per year, equivalent to 3,060,000 euros per month, the Brazilian striker will lose about 6.1 million euros during the said period.

Top 10 highest paid players in Ligue 1 (per month)

1. Neymar (PSG): 3,060,000 euros

2. Kylian Mbappe (PSG): 1,910 000 euros

3. Thiago Silva (PSG): 1,500,000 euros

4. Edinson Cavani (PSG): 1,345 000 euros

5. Marquinhos (PSG): 1,200,000 euros

5. Marco Verratti (PSG): 1,200,000 euros

7. Angel Di Maria (PSG): 1,100,000 euros

8. Keylor Navas (PSG): 800,000 euros

9. Mauro Icardi (PSG): 700,000 euros

10. Leandro Paredes (PSG): 750,000 euros

Surprise about the fastest MU player in the English Premier League this season

Opta has revealed a list of the fastest MU players in the English Premier League this season and the top name may surprise many people.

MU usually plays well in matches with the Top 6 Premier League with defensive counterattack play. In this game, speed players play a very important role and MU is lucky to have many speed players in the squad. But who is the MU player with the best speed?

Opta’s statistics say Mason Greenwood is the fastest MU player in the Premier League this season. The England striker once sprinted at 37.6 km/h in an Everton draw earlier this month.

Fred was second best at running at 37.29 at the Everton draw at Old Trafford at the end of last year. The next position belongs to Daniel James (36.9 km/h and 36.5 km/h) and Marcus Rashford (36.32 km/h).

However, Daniel James is the fastest MU player to play. After 29 rounds, the Welsh player has 12 fastest runs. Marcus Rashford ranked second with 9 times reaching the highest speed.

The eight fastest runs were divided equally by Jesse Lingard, Fred, Andreas Perreira, Brandon Williams, Phil Jones, Victor Lindelof, Tahith Chong and Mason Greenwood.

List of the fastest MU players in each Premier League match this season:

Chelsea – Daniel James (33.52 km/h)

Wolves – Marcus Rashford (33.33 km/h)

Crystal Palace – Marcus Rashford (36.32 km/h)

Southampton – Daniel James (34.24 km/h)

Leicester – Daniel James (35.04 km/h)

West Ham – Daniel James (33.81 km/h)

Arsenal – Marcus Rashford (35.53 km/h)

Newcastle – Daniel James (34.09 km/h)

Liverpool – Marcus Rashford (33.39 km/h)

Norwich – Marcus Rashford (33.7 km/h)

Bournemouth – Marcus Rashford (33.67 km/h)

Brighton – Marcus Rashford (36.15 km/h)

Sheffield United – Daniel James (35.7 km/h)

Aston Villa – Daniel James (35.08 km/h)

Tottenham – Marcus Rashford (34.39 km/h)

Man City – Lingard (34.43 km/h)

Everton – Fred (37.29 km/h)

Watford – Marcus Rashford (34.39 km/h)

Newcastle – Andreas Pereira (34.68 km/h)

Burnley – Daniel James (36.9 km/h)

Arsenal – Daniel James (34.41 km/h)

Norwich – Brandon Williams (34.04 km/h)

Liverpool – Daniel James (36.5 km/h)

Burnley – Phil Jones (34.44 km/h)

Wolves – Victor Lindelof (35.17km/h)

Chelsea – Daniel James (34.09 km/h)

Watford – Tahith Chong (35.47 km/h)

Everton – Mason Greenwood (37.6 km/h)

Man City – Daniel James (35.21 km/h)

Former Premier League striker: “Lloris looks itchy”

Coach Jose Mourinho suffered the worst series of his career because of two silly mistakes by goalkeeper Hugo Lloris in the Tottenham match lost to Leipzig in the C1 Cup.

Tottenham lost strongly to RB Leipzig 0-3 in the second leg of the round of C1 Cup and were eliminated in the final with a total score of 0-4. Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris was the most criticized in this defeat with 2 mistakes leading to Tottenham’s goal.

Hope to reverse the flow of teachers Jose Mourinho quickly became impossible with 2 goals quickly after just 21 minutes in the second leg. Even in the 10th minute, Lloris rushed to the right corner to block Marcel Sabitzer’s not-too-great shot, but finally let the ball slip into his hand and into the net.

11 minutes later, it was Sabitzer who took advantage of Lloris’ mistake to score a 2-0 lead. This time it was a header in the near corner and Lloris even touched but still let the ball slowly roll over the line.

Lloris’s mistake caused Tottenham to score at least 3 goals and keep a clean sheet for the remaining 70 minutes to come from behind. However, they failed to score even one goal and had to accept to leave the game from the eighth round after less than a year to reach the final.

The failure of this face also caused Mourinho to undergo the worst series of his career, not winning 6 consecutive games in all competitions, losing 4 and drawing 2.

On social media, many Tottenham fans have criticized Lloris mercilessly and called on Mourinho to give the opportunity to Paulo Gazzaniga.

Former Tottenham player Marcus Bent was surprised by the poor performance of his former club: “What is going on with Spurs and Lloris?”

Former Premier League champion Chris Sutton even bluntly said: “I’ll say it again …. Lloris’s action looks so itchy.”

FIFA announced plans to postpone the second qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup

On the evening of March 5, FIFA and AFC announced the official proposal of a plan to postpone the second qualifying matches for the upcoming 2022 World Cup in Asia due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic.

FIFA’s statement said that FIFA and AFC had met at their headquarters in Zurich (Switzerland) to discuss the situation in Asian football. For FIFA and AFC, the health of individuals participating in matches remains the highest priority, and thus, an official proposal to postpone the upcoming matches in the 2022 World Cup/2021 Asian Cup finals has been shared with relevant member federations.

FIFA and AFC will provide the latest information on this plan in the coming days after consulting with AFC member federations. Another discussion is the 2020 Olympic women’s football play-off between Korea and China, as well as the Asian Futsal Championship in Turkmenistan 2020.

According to FIFA, it will continue to monitor the situation regarding Covid-19 through contact with the World Health Organization (WHO), alliances and member federations. In particular, information on other international matches may be provided by the relevant federation members.

As such, the statement means that FIFA and AFC will be waiting for the meeting with the Western member federations in Malaysia on 7 and 8 of March, before making an official announcement. According to the proposal above, FIFA will postpone the second qualifying matches of the 2022 World Cup in Asia in March and June 10 and 11.

According to Asian media, the above statement has received the support of AFC member federations, of which the possibility of delay is almost certain. Because in the upcoming meeting, the football federation Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, UAE (Middle East countries affected by the Covid-19 epidemic) will agree to the delay. Most recently, the UAE Football Federation has issued a “ban” of fans to the field at all domestic leagues to avoid spreading Covid-19.

According to the schedule, the UAE will welcome Vietnam on June 9 in the last match of Group G. Previously, the teachers and coaches of Park Hang-seo will take guests in Malaysia and meet Indonesia on June 4.

The risk of Liverpool being unable to win the Premier League because of Covid-19

It seems to be a speculation, but according to The Telegraph (UK), this is completely real risk if the British Government issued an order to cancel all sports events to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic. raging throughout Europe.

Currently, in the Premier League season, Liverpool has touched one hand to the championship when unbeaten 27 matches (26 wins, 1 draw), far ahead of the opponent ranked behind Man City to 22 points.

While this season only 11 rounds, and if Liverpool continue to win 4 more games in the next round in March, they soon crowned the championship for the first time in 30 years.

However, it cannot be guaranteed just because the Covid-19 epidemic became more and more violent after the raging in Italy and now spread to many other countries in Europe causing panic everywhere.

The Swiss and French governments have issued orders to cancel all events with a concentration of 1,000 or more people in an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19. In addition, football schedules in these countries’ leagues this weekend are in danger of being postponed.

In the UK, the number of people infected with Covid-19 has increased to 19, and is at risk of rapidly increasing if there are still crowded events such as soccer. The organizing committee of the Premier League does not currently have any advice to prevent this disease. However, the Newcastle Club recently issued a ban on forms such as shaking hands to prevent epidemics.

The Telegraph adds, if the situation is still unpredictable, the risk of the British Government issuing an order to cancel all sports events within April 2 and 5 is very likely to occur.

At that time, the Premier League season will be stopped, and canceled, so the whole season can be declared “invalid”. Therefore, Liverpool, even though it is about to win the championship, is not recognized, even the bottom three teams are not relegated as usual.

However, there will also be cases where the review is the result of the 27 rounds that took place to determine if this season is enough or not. But it may not be considered, because except for Liverpool to make a big gap, while other races such as the top 4, the top 6 with competition for the European Cup are not yet finished. Similarly, the race to avoid relegation.

So, there’s going to be huge controversy and it’s not clear where to go if the season is canceled. But in any case, this case would be unprecedented in the history of the Premier League.

The Telegraph also believes that the outbreak of Covid-19 is a huge threat to the health and lives of people worldwide. While there is no effective cure for the vaccine, it is understandable that governments have to find ways to prevent the spread.

Currently, in addition to the European league competitions, many major sporting events of the world such as the 2020 Olympic Games, Euro 2020, F1 race, all stand the risk of being canceled or postponed. In Asia, the national leagues in China, South Korea and Japan have been postponed, similar to the matches in the AFC Champions League.

The dark art of Ramos

The Andalusian has been one of the best center-backs in the world for more than a decade. This is showing no signs of stopping, with what he has shown this season. Ramos scored, Ramos defended, Ramos did everything to stop the opponent.

A few days before breaking Messi‘s record, Ramos angrily cursed his junior Martin Odegaard in Real Madrid’s defeat to Real Sociedad. “You bastard”, Ramos shouted at Odegaard. The center-back is always very real, and doesn’t lie on the pitch

“In football, there is no room for brotherhood”, Ramos once said in a documentary produced last year. Last season, Real fell into a disaster with total defeats in La Liga and the Champions League, Ramos talked about the embarrassment that he could not take his children to the park.

Football is always a story about results, about winning. And Ramos will do everything to get there. Even if it made him trade. Ramos has conquered every player’s most important collective title. He won the World Cup, then won the Euro twice. He won the Champions League 4 times and countless other titles. However, Ramos will never be able to penetrate the noble individual titles, like the Golden Ball or The Best.

For a simple reason, in the era when football always worshiped beautiful superheroes like Messi or Ronaldo, people did not like to honor butchers like Ramos. Whether he is the best center back, the most stable football world in years.

Even Ramos’s son doesn’t want to be a footballer like his father. In the documentary film about Ramos’s life, it is seen that his son, Sergio Jr, sees Luka Modric as an idol. No child dreamed of being the 1 position villain in superhero movies.

But life is not like movies. There is not always a clear black-and-white boundary, which sometimes appears gray.

Ramos is the perfect symbol for that gray.

Sad part of La Masia under Bartomeu

In the Champions League semi-final of the 2012/13 season, Barca was crushed by Bayern Munich with a total score of 0-7 after 2 matches. A year later, at the 2014 World Cup, the defending champions were eliminated from the group stage. These failures show that tiki-taka shows signs of being caught.

Then, under coach Luis Enrique, Barca changed with quality additions including Ivan Rakitic, Luis Suarez and Neymar. Thanks to that, they stepped up to the top of Europe in the 2014/15 season.

Things have gotten worse since 2016, when Josep Maria Bartomeu became the new president of Barca. Unlike his predecessors Joan Laporta or Sandro Rossell, Bartomeu prefers to bring in blockbuster deals.

In the past 4 seasons, Barca has lost nearly 320 million euros on the transfer market. In return, Bartomeu earned Barca lucrative contracts from Nike or Qatar.

Blockbusters like Philippe Coutinho, Malcom, Ousmane Dembele were not very successful. Meanwhile, Antoine Griezmann or Frenkie de Jong need more time to assert. In the opposite direction, many promising talents of La Masia such as Gerard, Deulofeu, Cristian Tello … are forced to leave. It is difficult for them to compete with the stars who have become famous in other teams.

Barca lac loi tren thi truong chuyen nhuong vi bo quen La Masia hinh anh 4 bartomeu.jpeg

With this policy, Mr. Bartomeu was criticized by former president Laporta: “Mr. Bartomeu is under Qatari control and will destroy La Masia training furnace”. Recently, Bartomeu also made Barca internal waves because of problems outside the pitch. Pique even called the incumbent president “a puppet”.

In 2018, for the first time in 16 years, Barca came out without any mature players from the academy or any indigenous people. That squad includes Ter Stegen, Semedo, Yerry Mina, Thomas Vermaelen, Lucas Digne, Paulinho, Andre Gomes, Denis Suarez, Ousmane Dembele, Paco Alcacer and Coutinho. At this time, the percentage of La Masia players in the first team Barca is only 36%.

Coming soon “Golden Ball” for goalkeepers

The prestigious French Football magazine (France) has confirmed since this year that the “Golden Ball” award for the goalkeeper will be awarded in Paris in honour of “the best guard of the year”. This title will be separate from the “Golden Ball” for all other positions on the field.

Recently, organizers of the “Golden Ball 2019” award have determined the date of the Gala by the prestigious French Football magazine (France) for the best player of the year on December 2. The venue for this great event will be the Chatelet theatre in Paris and in particular, the host will be the legendary Ivory Coast and of Chelsea club, “Elephant Forest” Didier Drogba.

The organizers also affirmed that from this year there will be more Yashin – “Golden Ball for Goalkeeper” in addition to other important awards given annually. It is the traditional “Golden Ball” title honouring the best male player of the year award since 1956 or two new awards were formed last year, the Golden Ball for women and the Kopa Award for those players under 21 years of age.

20 female candidates will be voted on by 50 reporters and journalists who follow women’s football. As for male players, 30 candidates will be chosen by 180 famous sports journalists from around the world. The specific list will be published by L’Equipe and France Football on October 21.

The Yasin Prize was born in the name of the legendary former Soviet goalkeeper – Lev Yashin. He is the first and only goalkeeper to date in the history of ever winning the title of “Golden Ball” (1963). At that time, Yasin, who was playing for Dynamo Moscow club, finished in 1st place with 73 votes, surpassing the two rivals behind him, Gianni Rivera (AC Milan – 53 votes) and Jimmy Greaves (Tottenham – 33) promissory note).

France Football editor-in-chief Pascal Ferré said that the creation of the Yashin award is an inevitable step when the main Golden Ball award is usually for attacking players (such as Messi or Ronaldo, …). However, he did not see this as a consolation reward for the temple guards.

“The award will go to the best goalkeepers in the world, and will be voted on by a jury of international experts who voted for the Golden Ball”, he said.

In 2019, the election revolves around the Champions League and goalkeeper Alisson Becker is a prominent figure, so the possibility of him winning the first Yashin is very high when he reached the top of Europe with Liverpool.

The 26-year-old star also received the “Golden Glove” award for the best goalkeeper in both the FIFA The Best, Champions League gala, the English Premier League and this year’s Copa America – where he and Brazil were champions. at home.

With Liverpool, they are secretly wishing their two pet players, midfielder Virgil van Dijk and goalkeeper Alisson Becker, to acquire both the noble titles “Golden Ball” and the Yashin title in December this year.

What happened to the player Mesut Oezil?

Mesut Oezil was not even on the reserve list, when Arsenal met Standard Liege in the Champions League on midweek.

Earlier, Mesut Oezil was not included in the list. Meanwhile, Arsenal clashed with M.U in the Premier League. Coach Unai Emery explained: “Ozil has no room because other players deserve better.”

Again, we’re just talking about bench seats. From M.U in the Premier League to Standard Liege in the Europa League, these are different opponents, in different leagues, with completely different nature, requiring different players. Coach Emery has changed to 10 positions in the main team in those two matches. Gabriel Martinelli didn’t play at all in the match against M.U. But he started, scored 2 goals and created one in the match against Standard.

Ozil’s appearances in the Premier League have decreased in the last 5 seasons: 35, 33, 26, 24, 1 (he has only played one match this season). The number of goals also decreased in that order: 25, 17, 12, 7, 0. Obviously, the value of Oezil has decreased. Even when he was at the most brilliant age (28-29 in 2 seasons in the past). The problem here is not about age. In addition, we are not surprised anymore when Oezil is not used by coach Emery this season. The surprise is just: it’s hard to imagine him falling to the point where he no longer has a place on the bench, in a side tournament.

In the situation that the competition density is increasing, the military have to naturally turn around the squad to avoid the risk of tired players. Some football teams like Arsenal will naturally replace almost the entire squad while playing in the League Cup as well as the Europa League.

James Rodriguez is a similar case. Ozil is not even better than Rodriguez as “number 10”. But the Colombian star has struggled over the years because of the general situation: the death of the “number 10” role in modern football. Anyway, Rodriguez is very modest, and he knows how to adjust to survive. Similarly are Isco, Christian Eriksen, Paolo Dybala. They are all more talented than they are. But anyway, they are not completely turned on as Oezil, because they know or subject to change.