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UK soccer league suffers from the credit card ban on betting

The United Kingdom has put the credit card betting ban in effect. This policy applies to all personal and business credit cards.

Credit card betting ban in the UK

Allowing the use of credit cards for online gambling can give lenders a headache over bad debt if the borrower lost in gambling and cannot pay. This policy aims at managing gambling in the UK, which seems to be becoming a problem in this country.

However, the credit betting ban also has a certain influence on the UK soccer league. The ban, together with the effects of COVID-19 pandemic, may reduce many UK bookmakers’ revenue from online betting.

Premier League is expected to close to the audience when returning

Premier League clubs have been preparing to hold closed matches to prevent COVID-19. The Premier League is considering stadiums that qualify to host matches without spectators when the season returns. The English Football Federation (FA) is ready for clubs to compete on Wembley and St George’s Park national courts to complete the season.

The Wembley Stadium can be requisitioned to host the rest of the Premier League season. Using these two stadiums, especially St George’s Park, will allow more games to be organized in a day. At the same time, there are 228 hotel rooms in a complex of two yards, where players and officials can rest without having to move out.

Premier League football manager Richard Garlick and medical advisor Mark Gillett are working with clubs on player safety and requirements when the season returns. This week, it is likely that more clubs will announce agreements on salary reduction with players. Earlier, Southampton was the first team to announce a wage reduction agreement with the player and will use the savings to support the Public Health Service (NHS).

Last week, in an online meeting, Premier League shareholders were concerned about the financial status of clubs. On 17/4, the Premier League will meet again on this issue and the ability to organize the tournament again in the context of COVID-19 has not shown signs of settling down. This situation of the Premier League seems to suffer more due to the UK’s credit card ban on betting.