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Liverpool can champions Manchester City’s pitch

If defeating Crystal Palace on the evening of June 24, teachers and students of Jurgen Klopp will win the Premier League once they do not lose to Man City in the round of 32 which took place on July 2.

After the Everton draw in the evening of June 30, the gap between Liverpool and Man City is 23 points. As Man City play less than one game, this number will be reduced to 20, if both they and Liverpool win before the direct confrontation at the Etihad Stadium in early July.

Premier League only has six rounds left, after the match Man City – Liverpool. Therefore, even if only one point is won, teachers and students Jurgen Klopp will win the championship.

Man City experienced this scenario in the 2017-2018 season. They met second-place team Man Utd also in round 32. At that time, Pep Guardiola’s army was 16 points higher than rivals in the city.

If you win, the blue half of Manchester will be crowned six rounds soon, and set a record for early championship in the Premier League. However, after leading two goals, they lost 2-3. It was not until Man Utd lost to West Brom 0-1 at home in the next round, Man City took the throne.

Liverpool can win sooner, if Man City does not win all six points against Burnley tonight on June 22 and Chelsea on June 25. If the blue-shirt team loses points in either of these matches, “The Kop” will be crowned when they win against Crystal Palace on June 24.

If Man City win all three matches, including the match with Liverpool, Anfield owner must wait until 5/7 against Aston Villa.

Liverpool championship scenarios

Liverpool won on June 24 if they won Crystal Palace, and Man City did not win against Burnley on June 22.

Liverpool won on June 25 if they won Crystal Palace, and Man City beat Burnley and not Chelsea.

Liverpool won on July 2 if they won Crystal Palace and got points on Man City.

Liverpool won the championship on 5/7 if they won against Crystal Palace and Aston Villa; Man City won over Burnley, Chelsea and Liverpool.

The chance of Premier League returning is slim

Because of unpredictable developments of the disease, Dutch Football Federation President Just Spee did not believe the Premier League could play the end of the season.

On April 24, the Dutch Football Federation decided to cancel the Dutch Eredivisie Championship in the 2019-2020 season, leaving the team name empty, when this tournament is still nine rounds with most teams.

Ajax and AZ – the top two teams – receive two Champions League places next season, while neither team has to relegate. The KNVB made its decision after the Dutch government extended its ban on all sports activities until September.

Some clubs were furious when KNVB canceled the season. FC Utrecht said that they will sue because they lost their place in the Europa League. Meanwhile, Cambuur coach Hen de Jong called the KNVB’s decision “the dirtiest in Dutch football history”, because the cancellation of the season left the Second-class team with a ticket to play at Eredivise within reach. .

The leader of KNVB also expressed doubts about the feasibility of the European league returning to play but closed to the audience. Spee said: “I think the chances are slim.”

Solskjaer is good enough to help United win the Premier League

Although still struggling to find a way to put United in the right direction, coach Solskjaer is still believed to bring success to the “Red Devils”.

I believe Solskjaer is strong enough to help Man United return to the leading team and win the Premier League, “Goal quoted Jose Kleberson, who used to be Solskjear’s teammate at United in 2003-2005. Brazilian defenders are also attached to football when coaching at the Philadelphia Union academy.

In addition, the 2002 World Cup champion also commented on the performance of Fred, a midfielder.

“Fred arrived at Old Trafford at a time that was not easy. He also needed to adapt in the first few months, it was normal. He quickly realized what he needed to do to be different. Now , he plays more and more stable and energetic.”

“It was thanks to Fred changing his playstyle. When he was playing in Brazil, he played near the striker. At the moment, he is more of a support. Fred needs time to adjust to Man United and become an important team player. It is great to see a Brazilian playing well here” – Kleberson added.

The dark art of Ramos

The Andalusian has been one of the best center-backs in the world for more than a decade. This is showing no signs of stopping, with what he has shown this season. Ramos scored, Ramos defended, Ramos did everything to stop the opponent.

A few days before breaking Messi‘s record, Ramos angrily cursed his junior Martin Odegaard in Real Madrid’s defeat to Real Sociedad. “You bastard”, Ramos shouted at Odegaard. The center-back is always very real, and doesn’t lie on the pitch

“In football, there is no room for brotherhood”, Ramos once said in a documentary produced last year. Last season, Real fell into a disaster with total defeats in La Liga and the Champions League, Ramos talked about the embarrassment that he could not take his children to the park.

Football is always a story about results, about winning. And Ramos will do everything to get there. Even if it made him trade. Ramos has conquered every player’s most important collective title. He won the World Cup, then won the Euro twice. He won the Champions League 4 times and countless other titles. However, Ramos will never be able to penetrate the noble individual titles, like the Golden Ball or The Best.

For a simple reason, in the era when football always worshiped beautiful superheroes like Messi or Ronaldo, people did not like to honor butchers like Ramos. Whether he is the best center back, the most stable football world in years.

Even Ramos’s son doesn’t want to be a footballer like his father. In the documentary film about Ramos’s life, it is seen that his son, Sergio Jr, sees Luka Modric as an idol. No child dreamed of being the 1 position villain in superhero movies.

But life is not like movies. There is not always a clear black-and-white boundary, which sometimes appears gray.

Ramos is the perfect symbol for that gray.