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Former FIFA vice-president is banned from football for life

After being sentenced to nine years in prison for corruption, former President of the South American Football Federation (CONMEBOL) and FIFA Vice President Juan Angel Napout have been banned from football for life.

A lifetime ban on Napout was granted by FIFA on September 12. Earlier, the former South American football official was convicted of corruption by a New York court and received a nine-year prison sentence. This is the heaviest prison sentence of 42 officials and directors of the world’s most powerful football organization in the trial of the FIFA corruption court, also known as “Fifagate”.

FIFA ethics committee on 12.9 said they found Napout guilty of corruption and decided to ban him from participating in all activities related to football for life with a fine of nearly $1 million.

The U.S. investigation revealed tens of millions of dollars in bribes paid by sports companies to CONMEBOL senior figures in exchange for the right to broadcast and marketing events at tournaments belonging to Such organizations as: Copa America and Copa Libertadores. The US court also fined Napout $1 million and forced the 61-year-old Paraguayan official to pay $3.3 million in bribes he received.

Napout is one of the highest FIFA officials to be indicted by the US for corruption charges along with Jack Warner, former FIFA Vice President and President of the North Central American Football Association & Caribbean (CONCACAF). Mr. Napout had headed the Paraguay Football Federation from 2007 to 2014, then held the position of President of CONMEBOL from August 2014 until he resigned on 12 November 2015 due to his arrest in Zurich (Switzerland) related to “Fifagate”.

Earlier, in the hearing of the case, the court sentenced former Brazilian Football Federation President Jose Maria Marin to 4 years in prison. Meanwhile, Mr. Warner is likely to be extradited from Trinidad & Tobago to the US for trial in the near future.