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Surprise about the fastest MU player in the English Premier League this season

Opta has revealed a list of the fastest MU players in the English Premier League this season and the top name may surprise many people.

MU usually plays well in matches with the Top 6 Premier League with defensive counterattack play. In this game, speed players play a very important role and MU is lucky to have many speed players in the squad. But who is the MU player with the best speed?

Opta’s statistics say Mason Greenwood is the fastest MU player in the Premier League this season. The England striker once sprinted at 37.6 km/h in an Everton draw earlier this month.

Fred was second best at running at 37.29 at the Everton draw at Old Trafford at the end of last year. The next position belongs to Daniel James (36.9 km/h and 36.5 km/h) and Marcus Rashford (36.32 km/h).

However, Daniel James is the fastest MU player to play. After 29 rounds, the Welsh player has 12 fastest runs. Marcus Rashford ranked second with 9 times reaching the highest speed.

The eight fastest runs were divided equally by Jesse Lingard, Fred, Andreas Perreira, Brandon Williams, Phil Jones, Victor Lindelof, Tahith Chong and Mason Greenwood.

List of the fastest MU players in each Premier League match this season:

Chelsea – Daniel James (33.52 km/h)

Wolves – Marcus Rashford (33.33 km/h)

Crystal Palace – Marcus Rashford (36.32 km/h)

Southampton – Daniel James (34.24 km/h)

Leicester – Daniel James (35.04 km/h)

West Ham – Daniel James (33.81 km/h)

Arsenal – Marcus Rashford (35.53 km/h)

Newcastle – Daniel James (34.09 km/h)

Liverpool – Marcus Rashford (33.39 km/h)

Norwich – Marcus Rashford (33.7 km/h)

Bournemouth – Marcus Rashford (33.67 km/h)

Brighton – Marcus Rashford (36.15 km/h)

Sheffield United – Daniel James (35.7 km/h)

Aston Villa – Daniel James (35.08 km/h)

Tottenham – Marcus Rashford (34.39 km/h)

Man City – Lingard (34.43 km/h)

Everton – Fred (37.29 km/h)

Watford – Marcus Rashford (34.39 km/h)

Newcastle – Andreas Pereira (34.68 km/h)

Burnley – Daniel James (36.9 km/h)

Arsenal – Daniel James (34.41 km/h)

Norwich – Brandon Williams (34.04 km/h)

Liverpool – Daniel James (36.5 km/h)

Burnley – Phil Jones (34.44 km/h)

Wolves – Victor Lindelof (35.17km/h)

Chelsea – Daniel James (34.09 km/h)

Watford – Tahith Chong (35.47 km/h)

Everton – Mason Greenwood (37.6 km/h)

Man City – Daniel James (35.21 km/h)