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MU scored the most impressive goals in the Premier League this season

With Bruno Fernandes equalizer in the match against Everton, MU has scored both of the most impressive goals in the Premier League this season.

MU upstream won Everton with the start of the second impressive beating in the Premier League this season. In the situation of a 1-1 equalization, MU players made a total of 20 passes to facilitate Bruno Fernandes to hit Pickford’s net.

MU players have 20 passes to help Fernandes score

The ball started from Scott McTominay and passed through the feet of eight other players before fit inside the Everton goal. Only 3 MU players who did not participate in the coordinated situation leading to this goal were goalkeeper David de Gea, midfielder Harry Maguire and wing-back Aaron Wan-Bissaka.

Opta’s statistics show that this is a combined situation leading to the second most number of passes in the Premier League this season, all of which belong to MU players.

Wan-Bissaka scored the most impressive knockout goal in the Premier League

Previously, Wan-Bissaka had scored against Newcastle after 21 drops. It currently holds the record for the number of passes leading to goals in the Premier League this season. This can be considered a surprise because MU is currently not appreciated for the ability to beat to score like Liverpool or Man City.

MU benefits from Fernandes’ unique record in the Premier League

Bruno Fernandes continues to play the role of a hero to help MU overcome difficulties in the match against Everton in round 8 of the Premier League.

The home team opened the score with the dangerous finish of Bernard, but Fernandes only needed 13 minutes to help “Red Devils” lead 2-1 after the end of the first half. This is the 12th and 13th goal of the midfielder. Portugal in the Premier League, at least four more goals than any MU player since arriving in January.

Fernandes scored 2 goals to help MU defeat Everton

Fernandes scored 2 goals to help MU defeat Everton

Fernandes’s stellar performance against Everton helped Fernandes surpass the direct participation mark of 1 goal in each Premier League appearance. In total, he has 13 goals and 9 assists in 21 games.

With the equalizer for MU, Fernandes also set a new record when having 13 direct participation in goals (9 goals and 4 assists) after only the first 10 away games in the Premier League. This is better than any other player in the same number of games.