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M.U and Arsenal hold each other in the Premier League

Manchester United (M.U) and Arsenal showed that they are no longer the scary forces in the Premier League through the late match in round 7 with a 1-1 draw.

In the past, the confrontation between M.U and Arsenal has always been very attractive when both are teams competing for the Premier League title. However, in recent years, both teams have declined a lot.

Scott McTominay opened the scoring for MU before the first half ended, while Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s goal was recognized by VAR in the 58th minute. However, this was a match where both teams exposed the weaknesses of the surname.

On the Arsenal side, one can easily see the gaps in the defense. Meanwhile, despite the return of Paul Pogba in the squad, M.U still lacks effective attack plans.

Despite the transfer process, what the two teams have shown is also disappointing. M.U showed that they are still far from being able to return to their original position and that Arsenal spent a lot of money in the transfer window last summer is not really effective.

The first half was quite tedious with not many chances being created and it was not until the last minutes that it was really exciting. In the 44th minute, goalkeeper M.De Gea of ​​M.U had 2 consecutive saves, preventing Bukayo Saka and later Matteo Guendouzi scoring.

Shortly thereafter, M.U opened the scoring when Marcus Rashford passed the ball smoothly for McTominay to score with a soft shot to touch the Arsenal defender.

Arsenal responded in the beginning of the second half and brought the game back to the starting line after a controversial situation. M.U’s left back Axel Tuanzebe delivered a broken ball on the home court and Saka assisted Aubameyang to score. The assistant referee raised the offside flag, but VAR then intervened and recognized the goal when it showed that Harry Maguire was rising too slowly, helping the visitors striker to receive the ball legally.

That’s all M.U and Arsenal players did in the last match and they had to accept a 1-1 draw. With this result, “Red Devils” stood in the middle of the rankings when there were only 9 points while the “Gunners” ranked fourth with 12 points.