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Premier League may return from this June

According to the 50-page document issued by the British Government, football and sports activities in the country can return from the beginning of June.

Sports events, including soccer, may take place. But the stadium will have to be closed to the audience until public safety is assured. Besides sports, the British Government also wants to reopen a number of businesses, businesses and public places when it relaxes the blockade from the beginning of June. Adopt protocols to prevent Covid-19.

The fact that many new cases are a cause for concern over the decision to lift the blockade. Many players like Sergio Aguero and Antonio Rudiger have expressed doubts about their ability to play again.

Last week, three Brighton players had to quarantine themselves after being found positive for the virus. The tournaments of Spain, Germany also had the same problem when trying to play again.

In addition to the risk of infection, the return to mid-season also makes football distorted. Three teams Aston Villa, Watford, Brighton worry that not having an audience will make them lose their home field advantage.

The Premier League organizers may remove the requirement to wear a mask

The Premier League organizers believe that using masks when playing matches helps players prevent and protect their colleagues, before the threat of COVID-19 pandemic.

In the context that England has no control over Covid-19, this idea helps players feel safe. In addition, it helped the “Project Restart” plan – resuming the English Premier League – be implemented soon, as soon as authorized by the Government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

However, the player – who uses the mask – feels uncomfortable. According to the Mirror, trying to force a player to wear a mask when playing made the relationship between the organizers, clubs and players cracked.

A number of clubs are waiting for Government advice on wearing masks. Meanwhile, British police force chief Mark Roberts supported the proposal.

Wearing a mask is one of many regulations that the Premier League organizers give, to ensure health when organizing the remaining 92 matches. In addition, they also plan to ban players hugging to celebrate goals, spitting in the match, changing shirts after the game or sharing a bottle of water.