Team captain of MU has been removed from England football team

Just hours after being on the England squad to play against Iceland and Denmark, midfielder Harry Maguire was dropped from the UEFA Nations league list by coach Gareth Southgate in September.

Not long ago, coach Gareth Southgate announced England’s summoning list for UEFA Nations League matches taking place in September. Midfielder Harry Maguire, who was caught up in a scuffle with police in Greece is still on the list of summons.

Harry Maguire engaged in a brawl with the police in Greece

However, just a few hours after being on the England list to play against Iceland and Denmark, the MU midfielder was crossed out by coach Gareth Southgate from the UEFA Nations league list in September.

Accordingly, the captain MU was declared guilty after the scuffle in Mykonos, Greece. Harry Maguire is involved in 3 counts of assaulting others, opposing on duty and bribery. Maguire’s sentence is 21 months in prison, but he is given a suspended sentence.

So MU has only 3 names to be called this time, including goalkeeper Dean Henderson, striker Mason Greenwood, and striker Marcus Rashford.

Man City’s Phil Foden and Leeds’ Kalvin Phillips were also summoned for the first time. Liverpool midfielders Jordan Henderson and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, as well as Chelsea’s Ross Barkley, are absent due to injuries.

Ben Chilwell, who is preparing to join Chelsea is absent due to a heel injury, Luke Shaw is also absent due to physical problems. John Stones has recently been scrapped, while Danny Ings has returned to England since 2015. Raheem Sterling has been called up by Southgate after testing negative for Covid-19 before he joined attending a party with speed king Usain Bolt, who is Covid-19 positive.

Maguire is sentenced to 2 years in prison by the court

According to the latest decision, midfielder Harry Maguire of MU received a penalty of 21 months and 10 days, by 3 crimes in Greece.

How did Maguire react?

Accordingly, the court of Mykonos, Greece, has accused the center-back of captain MU of assault, against public service executors and repeatedly tried to bribe. Harry Maguire will receive a prison sentence of 21 months + 10 days, but since this is the first offense, the player will only have to receive a suspended sentence.

The world’s most expensive midfielder got into a brawl, claiming that his sister was injected with a drug by two men and fainted immediately. Maguire’s group called a vehicle and asked to go to the hospital, but was instead taken to the police station.