The potential of Kai Havertz to Chelsea attack after being recruited

Bayern Munich may be the ideal destination to elevate Kai Havertz’s career, but the German midfielder wants to take on a bigger challenge when choosing Chelsea.

The Germans compare Chelsea’s rookie with Mesut Oezil and Michael Ballack, two famous German football names. That is enough to say the talent of Havertz, who just joined “The Blues”. It is an honor to be compared to a generation of excellent seniors. However, Havertz doesn’t need to be a shadow or a copy of someone.

Havertz is 1.89 m tall, more than Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane. With such a physique, the German midfielder defaulted to being slow. That could be true for anyone, except Havertz. Havertz once made a speed of 35.5 km / h, one of the fastest players in the Bundesliga. However, that is not the only reason why Chelsea decided to spend £ 71 million to bring the player born in 1999 to London.

Havertz helps increase the quality of the Chelsea attack

Havertz’s playing ability is said to be very high. This helps him process information and make quick decisions. The German midfielder also plays a simple ball, limiting excess movements to reduce the pace of attack.

Havertz has a habit of turning his head around to analyze situations. In comparison, this is like a computer that does receive information. Everything happens in seconds. After the analysis ended, the moment the ball reached Havertz, the midfielder took the next step decisively. It could be a breakthrough dribble or a tectonic pass for a teammate.

Before receiving the ball, Havertz carefully observed the gaps. He chose for himself the areas in front of which were large spaces. This helps the German midfielder escape from pressing from the opponent.

Havertz also minimizes movements and limits himself to one-on-one situations. That’s partly because the German midfielder’s body is not muscular enough like Michael Ballack.

Overall, Havertz still deserves the £ 71 million Chelsea spend. He is a versatile player, possessing good tactical eyesight and good reading of situations. The midfielder’s ability to shoot away is also impressive.

For Havertz to maximize his best qualities, “The Blues” should let this player kick close to the goal. At this time, the German midfielder can break the deadlock with a long shot or sharp assists. However, whether Havertz will be more successful than Ballack, only the future will tell.