The three scenarios for the end in the Premier League this season

Because of the risk of not being able to kick the last nine rounds, the Premier League needs scoring plans to complete the season.

The first scenario

Using current score as a base is the first solution. The 20 teams will get an average of one match, then multiply by 38 to get the final score. If done this way, the order of the teams remains the same. Liverpool championship. Leicester City, Chelsea and Man Utd participated in the Champions League, due to City being banned. Bournemouth, Aston Villa, Norwich are relegated.

Because Liverpool are 25 points ahead of Man City, this calculation does not cause much reaction to the first group. Jurgen Klopp’s teachers and students will also be crowned with a record score of 107. The controversy will occur in the bottom group, where Bournemouth is equal to Watford and West Ham, but must be relegated to First place.

The second scenario

Using scoring can be a method to solve this problem. Starting from the remaining teams’ schedules, the average score is only calculated in the period when each football club completes a round to meet the remaining 19 teams. In this way, the European cup reserve rates remain the same. The biggest change is that the first place relegation will belong to Watford, instead of Bournemouth as the first way.

Ranking in the second way is more accurate than the first, but not considering the home and away factors in the remaining nine rounds. Many relegation teams at the end often choose to launch reserve tactics when facing stronger teams, and play their best when playing against a peer team, out of motivation to play, or simply play at home.

The third scenario

The Times takes this into account when analyzing and making a third choice. Home and away form can be used to predict the ratio of matches not yet played. Before each match, the home team’s average score will be compared with the opponent’s average. The last five matches have been added, then summed. If two points differ from 0.2 or more, the team with the more points wins. On the contrary, the match is a tie.

Scoring in this way will cause a big disturbance in the first group, when Man Utd lost fifth place, synonymous with Champions League qualification, to Sheffield. Meanwhile, the three relegation teams are still Watford, Aston Villa and Norwich.